Vogrie Park holiday pods and drone racing track plans spark local anger

Proposals to build holiday pods and a drone racing track at Vogrie Country Park have sparked anger at the potential loss of this much-loved piece of tranquillity.

Vogrie House, Vogrie Country Park

Concerned local resident Maureen Berry contacted the Advertiser after hearing about the cash-strapped council’s plans to create new revenue streams at the park near Gorebridge.

She said: I’ve just been hearing that Midlothian Council are looking to change Vogrie Park into holiday pods and a drone race track.

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“This park was left to the people of Midlothian to enjoy and learn about the countryside and not to be spoilt for this stupid idea of a supposedly hard-up council.

“I spent a week there as a child planting trees and laying paths. I never thought it was going to ever be cleared for these stupid ideas which will be a disaster.

“This area is used for country walks and for kids to enjoy the countryside.

“I believe many people will object to these plans. I have a concern regarding cost and management, since the council are already cutting other services.”

A council spokesman was quick to point out that these proposals for Vogrie Country Park remain at a very early stage and no final decision has yet been taken.

He said: “The 2019/20 budget includes a £70,000 income target from Vogrie Country Park.

“We are thinking of new ways to generate that money, including getting a share of rental income from holiday pods and maybe exploring drone use.

“However, all of these suggestions are yet to be explored in any great depth.

“Any final plans would obviously include, not just business case considerations, but also noise, likely impact on neighbouring residents, and any other environmental considerations.”