Video: Lorry driver road rage after near miss

A HGV driver who leapt from his cab in heavy traffic to hurl abuse at a driver during a road rage incident was caught in a shocking video that has emerged online.

The lorry driver exits to confront the motorist.
The lorry driver exits to confront the motorist.

The family, who do not want to be identified, were travelling on the A90 towards the Forth Road bridge on Thursday afternoon.

The footage shows a Carr’s Flour Mills truck almost hitting the car when he attempted to move into the outside lane without indicating.

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The driver of the family car, who were travelling with their two-year-old daughter in the back, honked their horn to warn the driver.

The lorry driver exits to confront the motorist.

Just seconds later, the lorry driver can be seen winding his window down before angrily gesturing from his window.

He then stops his vehicle, gets out in the busy stop-start traffic and can clearly be seen running up to the car, putting his hands on the moving bonnet before opening the driver door and shouting abuse.

The family told campaigning website, Edinburgh’s Worst Drivers: “I think he backed off when he spotted my two year old daughter on the back seat.

“My daughter was distraught and traumatised.”

A spokesman for Carr’s Flour Mills condemned the behaviour as “disgraceful and totally unacceptable” to the company.

He said: “The driver was not one of our employees, but an agency driver providing holiday cover. He has been removed from our vehicles and the agency is investigating the matter.”