Video: Fintech Scotland to help dynamic Scots sector reach its potential

Out the gates in 2017, Fintech Scotland want financial innovation and collaboration to propel Scotland's financial technology sector to new heights.

Scotland is fast emerging as a hotspot in the dynamic financial technology sector.

Formed in 2017, Fintech Scotland’s mission statement is “making a better world for all through financial innovation, collaboration and inclusion.

CEO Stephen Ingledew joined David Lee to introduce the fledgling startup to the Scotsman audience and discuss what is making Scotland a Fintech leader.

Fintech Scotland wants Scotland to be a global leader

He explained: “Technology is huge and it’s changing our lives in a number of different respects.

“It’s making things far more efficient, far easier to engage with it.

“But it’s actually when people and [technology] come together that you get the real insights and the real opportunity to be creative.”

The team want Scotland to be one of the world’s top five nations blazing a Fintech trail over the next few years.

Fintech Scotland wants Scotland to be a global leader

The sector is growing into a lucrative investment opportunity spread across hubs around the globe, but Stephen still prioritises collaboration over competition.

He said: “Different regions of the world who have Fintech centres, like Scotland, will have their own areas of speciality.

“Scotland’s area of strength is particularly around data and data-driven innovation.

“Some people refer to it as ‘helping the tide rise, so everybody is involved in the benefits of that, not just the few who are involved in any one specialist area.”

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