Why the SNP wore white roses at Parliament

YOU might have noticed all 56 of the SNP’s MPs wearing white roses on their lapels for the Queen’s Speech and the state opening of Parliament.

SNP MPs sit in the House of Commons wearing white roses. Picture: PA

After putting a few noses out of joint in the House of Commons by clapping – thereby earning a ticking off from Speaker of the House John Bercow – they filled them with the “sharp and sweet” scent of a horticultural nationalist symbol.

The white roses were worn in tribute to Hugh McDiarmid, who wrote a poem called The Little White Rose of Scotland. The wearing of the flower is SNP tradition at Holyrood and Westminster parliament openings, the party said in a statement.

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Former SNP leader Alex Salmond listens to the Queen deliver her speech to the House of Lords. Picture: AP
Alex Salmond and John Swinney wear white roses in 1999 for the Scottish Parliament's opening. Picture: TSPL