Video: Moment armed police surrounded London terrorists

Footage has emerged of the moment police surrounded and ambushed terrorists following the London Bridge attack.

Officers can be seen surrounding the tunnel leading to the Wheatsheaf pub where the attackers were finally gunned down.

Brave locals can be seen risking their lives to comfort and save a man lying on the ground in Borough Market.

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Police officers with guns raised can be heard shouting “get inside! get inside!” as three gun shots echo around the market.

Then helicopters can be heard above as back up arrives to support the armed police who gunned down the attackers.

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The frightening scene was captured by chef Mirko Abate, 24, who was working in the nearby Bedales of Borough Market moments before the area was evacuated.

He said colleagues sheltered terrified passersby before locking themselves in until masked police broke down the door to told them to leave.

Mirko, originally from Italy said: “Everything started with a girl entering my workplace asking to call the emergency services because a guy got stabbed.

“I could clearly see the man on the floor.

“After five minutes people started running in different direction and some of them came inside, hiding downstairs.

“I went upstairs and I took the videos. I realised what was happening.

“There was the guy on the floor who had just been stabbed. He was on the floor with a blanket over him and people were helping him,

“We were locked inside when masked police broke the door and told us to leave the area.

“We ran to the bankside where all the agents were telling us to go.

“I took the train.

“It was very scary.”