TV-style tests set students up for life

Scientists are using TV-style contests inspired by programmes such as The Apprentice, in a new approach to teaching at university.

Students at the University of Brighton are set challenges and then filmed, from the start of their tasks in the laboratory through to marketing-style presentations.

They then enter a boardroom, similar to contestants in the BBC’s The Apprentice featuring Lord Sugar, where they are judged on their ideas and winners are announced.

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Footage is posted on YouTube and on university websites for the students in pharmaceutical and chemical sciences.

Lecturers at the university said the scheme, dubbed “the analyst”, is intended to expose students to real-life work situations.

Dr Bhavik Patel, a lecturer at the university’s school of pharmacy and biomolecular sciences, said: “The method is proving extremely effective.

“Students are putting theory into practical applications and then thinking of ways to market their results, and finally making presentations, all in a competitive environment.”

She added: “All are winners as far as learning is concerned, and no-one gets fired.”

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