Tories 'as big a threat to the Union as SNP', Labour MP claims

Labour's only MP in Scotland has accused Theresa May of being 'as big a threat to the Union as the SNP' by pursuing a hard Brexit that takes the UK out of the European single market.

Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray
Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray

Ian Murray attacked the Prime Minister for putting jobs and the economy at risk by effectively ruling out continued membership of the European trading bloc, and suggested her stance was boosting support for Scottish independence.

Mrs May said at the weekend that the UK couldn’t “keep bits” of EU membership, and would instead seek barrier-free access to the European market through a trade deal.

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However, experts have warned that such a deal could take up to 10 years to negotiate, and EU leaders have warned that trade negotiations cannot begin until the Brexit ‘divorce’ terms have been agreed.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, the MP for Edinburgh South told the Commons: “Her lack of priority for the single market is putting jobs in Scotland and the economy at risk.

“That means her government is as big a threat to the Union as the SNP.

In a reference to reports that Mrs May placed her investments in a blind trust on entering Downing Street, meaning that she will not have to disclose details of assets, Mr Murray continued: “Her government is not worthy of the trust of Scots, let alone their blind trust.

“So will the Prime Minister take this opportunity to apologise for threatening the Union, and give a solemn promise to every single person in this country that they won’t be a penny worse off after a Tory Brexit?”

Responding to Mr Murray’s question, the Prime Minister said: “I want to see the best possible trade deal between the United Kingdom and the EU, the best possible deal for trading with and operating within the single European market.”