Tony Blair: Miliband “can and will” win election

TONY BLAIR has insisted Ed Miliband “can and will” win the general election after reports that he had expressed doubts at a private meeting.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair gestures towards Labour party leader Ed Miliband, the man he insists 'can and will' win the general election. Picture: PA

The former prime minister was said to have suggested David Cameron was on track to remain in power during a discussion with long-standing allies earlier this month.

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A source who was present told the Daily Telegraph: “The Conservatives will be the next government because Labour has failed to make a good case for itself. That is what Tony thinks. He does not think that Miliband can beat Cameron.”

But Mr Blair said today: “The Telegraph story does not represent my view. Ed Miliband and the Labour Party can and will win the next election.”