Tomato and soy together ‘cuts cancer’

Soy sauce and tomatoes can stave off prostate cancer, according to new research.

Experiments on mice found combining the two is better at protecting against the disease than consuming either by itself.

Scientists believe their findings, published online in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, may also apply to humans. They used lab rodents genetically engineered to develop an aggressive form of prostate cancer and found more than half the animals given tomato and soy had no cancerous cells in their prostate gland.

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Professor John Erdman, of the University of Illinois, said: “All the mice in the control group – no soy, no tomato – developed the disease. Only 45 per cent of mice fed both foods developed the disease compared to 61 per cent in the tomato group, and 66 per cent in the soy group.”

“Eating tomato, soy, and the combination all significantly reduced prostate cancer incidence. But the combination gave us the best results.”

Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed form of the disease in men, but has a near 100 per cent survival rate provided it is detected early.

In countries where soy is consumed daily, Prof Erdman said prostate cancer occurs at significantly lower levels. The findings could help men who are concerned about their health.