Tip-top results for Scots and Cornish in popularity poll

Scotland is second favourite area of the UK for tourism. Cornwall topped the poll, with Scotland being followed by the Lake District, London and Wales in the poll, published today.

That means Scotland is likely to receive increasing numbers of visitors, as 91 per cent of British people plan a holiday in the UK next year, a 23 per cent increase on this year, according to the study by the holiday home letting agency, cottages4you.

Economic factors are one of the reasons for the boom in “staycations”. Nearly two fifths of people (39 per cent) say affordability is the main reason behind their plans, electing to save money and holiday at home.

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The nation’s biggest stay- cationers are from Southampton, with 97 per cent of residents planning a holiday within the UK next year. Norwich and Nottingham (both 96 per cent), Manchester (95 per cent) and Sheffield (94 per cent) complete the top five.

The Lake District is a top attraction, followed by cities with a Roman history, castles and historic locations (places such as Edinburgh and York), then Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the London Eye.

Nick Rudge, from cottages-4you, said: “For many reasons, the staycation boom clearly shows no sign of relenting in 2012. We have some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and scenery right on our doorstep.

“As well as the current economic worries, the findings also revealed that our love of the great outdoors is one of our biggest motivations to staycation. Unsurprisingly, one in ten of us is worried by potential strike action abroad. Along with the added cost of air travel, more and more people are finding that the UK offers everything they need in a holiday.”

Another increasing trend is that of work colleagues who get on so well on business trips they choose to take holidays together. As many as 9 per cent of people have been on holiday with a workmate, another survey by www.sunshine.co.uk found.

Of those picking people from the office to travel with, about half said they had become good friends while at work or on a work-related event abroad.

Based on responses from 1,283 adults, the survey showed nearly all (89 per cent) had been on holiday with their family, while 61 per cent had taken trips with a partner and 59 per cent had gone abroad with friends. Just 2 per cent had holidayed alone.

Sunshine.co.uk co-founder Chris Brown said: “It can only be a good thing that you get on so well with your colleagues that you can face going on holiday together.”