Theresa May ‘misjudging’ refugee crisis - Salmond

ALEX Salmond has accused the Home Secretary of “hopelessly misjudging” the Mediterranean refugee crisis.

Home Secretary Theresa May believes the Mediterranean refugees should be returned to Africa. Picture: AFP/Getty

Speaking just hours after being appointed as the SNP’s foreign affairs spokesman, Mr Salmond insisted the UK should take its full proposed share of European Union (EU) refugees.

Theresa May said economic migrants crossing the Mediterranean to seek better lives in Europe should be returned to Africa.

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EU officials have suggested that all of the thousands of people who have fled across the Mediterranean in recent weeks should be allowed to remain.

But Ms May said the UK Government will reject any proposals for mandatory quotas.

According to the Herald newspaper, Mr Salmond said: “The UK Government, in general, and Theresa May, in particular, are hopelessly misjudging the issue.

“I can think of very few people in Scotland and very few people in England, either, who would want to turn away people in total extremity given the scenes we have all witnessed on our televisions over the last few months.

“Britain should take the full 60,000 and Scotland is willing to take our proportionate share, and we will argue for that.”