Store sorry for jumper pirating student’s image

SUPERMARKET giant Tesco yesterday apologised to a young fashion student after her image was used without her permission on children’s clothing being sold in Tesco stores.

Nicola Kirkbride, a final year fashion student at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University, said she had been left shocked and annoyed when she learned that a photograph of her face, originally posted on her own fashion blog, had been used to decorate a child’s jumper being marketed in Tesco stores.

Ms Kirkbride’s image, which was first posted on her webpage a year ago, appeared on the front of the sweater along with the words “Loves me, loves me not.” The sweater has now been withdrawn from sale.

Last night a Tesco spokeswoman said: “We have spoken to Nicola and apologised.

“We’d be very happy to meet with her to discuss this further, and have given her contact details for two of our senior managers in the clothing team if she wishes to do so.”