Southend shop creates Henry Hoover nativity scene

IT’S beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... which is unusual for a Hoover.
The nativity scene in the shop's window. Picture: Mr_Mondo/TwitterThe nativity scene in the shop's window. Picture: Mr_Mondo/Twitter
The nativity scene in the shop's window. Picture: Mr_Mondo/Twitter

Kris Sale and his son Ashley have created a nativity scene using Hoovers in the window of their shop in Southend.

Mr Sale, 44, owns an electrical appliances store in Southend’s London Road and told UsVsTh3m that his son Ashley came up with the idea of using Hoovers.

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He recalled: “My son Ashley said, ‘We must do a Christmas display this year.’ It was all his idea.

“He said we should do Henry the Hoovers. We already had the soft toy, which we’ve used as the baby in the manger. We’ve done the roof with straw - it was a bit of a joke to start but now it’s got 5,000 likes Facebook and over 4,000 on Twitter.”

George, Charles and Edward have been installed as the three kings, while Henry and Hetty are Joseph and Mary respectively.

The baby Jesus is represented by a promotional ‘soft toy’ Henry.

However, despite the publicity and an increase in sales, Kris reveals it’s not just about selling Hoovers.

“It’s definitely drawn people into the shop. People are passing and taking photos, the kids love it all.

“There’s been a sales spike in Henrys, but my favourite is George; he’s the most expensive.

“I’ve just been talking to Harp, the Southend Homeless Charity about putting posters in the window.”

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Kris is asking anyone who likes the scene to donate £10 to Harp to help Southend’s homeless.


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