SNP support for Brexit as high as Labour

The same proportion of SNP supporters as Labour voters backed Brexit in the EU referendum, according to new research.

Support for Brexit was as high among SNP supporters as in Labour, a new survey has found

The survey by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) concluded that Leave won the EU referendum by galvanising disengaged voters who are “economically deprived and anti-immigration”. More than half of non-voters in the 2015 general election cast a ballot in the referendum, with 60% of them voting Leave.

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Labour and the SNP saw 36% of supporters reject the party position and vote for Brexit, compared with 26% of Liberal Democrats.

The research identified a move away from left-right politics, with voters dividing between socially liberal Remainers and conservative Leavers. Remain also failed to get out its vote, according to NatCen.