Sick ‘league table’ mocks the deaths of Scottish tourists falling from balconies in Magaluf

Tourists climbing on balconies in Mallorca have been injured or died.Tourists climbing on balconies in Mallorca have been injured or died.
Tourists climbing on balconies in Mallorca have been injured or died.
A ‘league table’ that keeps track of the number of UK tourists who have died falling off balconies this year has been set up by locals in Magaluf.

The controversial ‘Balconing Mallorca’ Facebook page allocates points for injuries and fatalities, and ranks countries based on deaths and injuries of people from there.

The term balconing means to climb on to balconies, jump from room to room or to jump into a pool from one. A number of Scottish people have been injured or died in recent years doing this in Spanish resorts, including in Magaluf.

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The table on the Facebook page is regularly updated to mock new injuries and deaths of tourists in 2019.

Points are awarded

Countries whose citizens have died or been injured while balconing are ranked according to a points system that the groups founders have created.

The first column (‘no de casos’) keeps track of the number of cases for each country.

The next column, ‘no de heridos’, records the number of non-fatal injuries people from that country suffered while balconing, and another (labelled ‘puntos heridos’) shows that one point has been allocated for each of these.

The next section of the table is even more sinister. The ‘no de muertes’ tallies the number of deaths due to balconing each country, and each of these is awarded three points.

The countries are ranked by adding up the points that have been allocated.

UK is listed at the top of table

The United Kingdom is top of the table, with six points allocated to three injuries and one death, all taking place this year.

The death of a UK citizen came just weeks ago, when a 20 year old man named as Freddie Pring died after falling from a hotel in Magaluf at around 3am on 7 June.

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Another of the UK's incidents involved a Scottish teenager who was filmed jumping into a tree from his hotel in Magaluf at the start of June. The tree could not support his weight, and he went crashing to the ground.

Campaign to encourage dangerous ‘balconing’

Those who contribute to the balconing Facebook group also encourage more people to take part in the dangerous game so they can add to their sick group.

They even have a petition on which is part of a campaign to have balconing made an Olympic sport to increase its profile.

The caption for the petition reads, “The 'balconing' has not only put Magaluf on the world map of risk sports but is also an effective catalyst of natural selection.

"Each year, a handful of drunken tourists choose to eliminate their genes from the evolutionary race, thus allowing the fittest - the least stupid, in this case - to occupy their biological niche.

"The solution to 'balconing' is more 'balconing'.

"That is why we ask the International Olympic Committee to include 'balconing' as an Olympic sport in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Games, where Japanese spectators can enjoy the capers, permanent paralysis and premature deaths of British jumpers, pioneers and true aces of this sport."

The Facebook group is in a similar vein to a number of posters that were spotted around Barcelona last year, which also encouraged balconing as part of a twisted anti-tourist message.

These posters used the hashtag #BalconingIsFun to mock the deaths and claim them as entertainment.

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