Shocking footage captures moment officer is stabbed tackling a knife wielding terrorist

British Transport Police have released shocking footage from an officer's body cam which captures the moment officers tackled a knife wielding terrorist at Manchester Victoria station.
(From L-R) Adam Ward, Lee Valentine, Marsha Selby, Ashleigh Williams, Tom Wright and Miah Uddin(From L-R) Adam Ward, Lee Valentine, Marsha Selby, Ashleigh Williams, Tom Wright and Miah Uddin
(From L-R) Adam Ward, Lee Valentine, Marsha Selby, Ashleigh Williams, Tom Wright and Miah Uddin

The incident, which occurred just before 9pm on New Year’s Eve 2018, saw a team of BTP officers ran towards scenes of terror on the Metrolink platforms at Manchester Victoria station.

Sergeant Lee Valentine, and PCs Marsha Selby, Ashleigh Williams and Tom Wright, confronted a man, who was wielding a knife and who had just stabbed two passengers.

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Together, the four BTP officers and Metrolink rail staff immediately confronted the attacker, who was sentenced on Tuesday 27th November at Manchester Crown Court, after pleading guilty to three counts of attempted murder and a terrorism offences.

During the struggle, BTP sergeant Lee Valentine received a stab injury to his shoulder – shocking body worn video from PC Tom Wright captures this heroic moment. Despite his injury, Lee returned to work the following day.

Chief Constable Paul Crowther from British Transport Police said: “The actions of Lee and his team of officers are quite simply heroic. From the moment they heard the screams, they demonstrated extreme courage in running towards danger, bringing a horrendous attack to an end in under 40 seconds.

“I couldn’t be prouder of their efforts, and of course our friends at Metrolink who also challenged the suspect. Unfortunately, this is the second time in as many years that BTP officers in Manchester have faced an unprecedented challenge.

“Our teams confronted scenes of terror during the devastating Arena bombing in 2017, and during this frightening incident on New Year’s Eve. In both, they showed the upmost professionalism, bravery and honour.”

Nearly a year on since the incident, Sergeant Lee Valentine, added: "The screams heard at Manchester Victoria were chilling, from the moment we heard them our instincts took over.

“My colleagues Marsha and Ashleigh were the first to encounter the suspect intervening whilst he was savagely attacking his victims. They immediately ran over, putting themselves in danger by positioning themselves between the suspect and the victims, armed only with a baton and incapacitant spray. Without a doubt, they prevented further serious harm being caused to the victims, potentially saving their lives and other members of the public.

“Tom and I arrived mere seconds later, supporting Marsha and Ashleigh, alongside the Metrolink staff. We could see him waving a large knife in the air shouting threats. I drew my Taser and Tom drew his baton, the Taser was deployed but the suspect immediately charged towards me leaping in the air and stabbing my shoulder. I grabbed him and we ended up on the floor, together we managed to restrain him.

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“It was all over within seconds. The Metrolink Staff and my team acted professionally, with restraint and with great bravery in confronting the male. I want to thank them all for their actions on New Years Eve.

“Marsha, Tom and Ashleigh have a combined length of service of less than six years; to confront, act and deal with this type of shocking incident so soon in their career is commendable. I know this would have been a horrific experience for the two victims and I hope they are continuing to recover well"