Scottish independence: Salmond Plan B demand

ALEX Salmond last night faced renewed demands to outline his currency Plan B after his key economic adviser admitted that his Plan A could be a non-starter.

Danny Alexander, along with Alistair Carmichael, plans to challenge Alex Salmond and John Swinney on their currency plans. Picture: TSPL

The First Minister’s political opponents claimed his currency plans were “in tatters” the day after Crawford Beveridge admitted that plans for a formal currency union could be rejected at Westminster.

Mr Beveridge, the chairman of the Mr Salmond’s fiscal commission working group,” suggested that sterlingisation was a viable option for a transition currency post independence.

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His remarks were made in a speech in Glasgow summarising the work carried out by the commission, which was created to examine currencies in an independent Scotland.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said: “Now that even Crawford Beveridge accepts a currency union might not happen, those at the top of the Scottish Government must tell us what their currency Plan B is.”

The Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael added: “With only a week to go until postal voting starts Alex Salmond’s top currency adviser has blown another massive hole in their currency argument. It is a complete shambles and John Swinney and his colleagues owe it to Scotland to start providing some straight answers.”

Ruth Davidson MSP, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said: “Alex Salmond’s credibility on currency is now in tatters. Last night his own economic adviser drove a coach and horses right through the idea that the Nationalists can deliver a currency union.

“They can’t. It isn’t in Alex Salmond’s gift, and Crawford Beveridge confirmed that.”

A Holyrood spokeswoman said: “We agree with Crawford Beveridge that currency is not something which can only ever be used by a single country and it is clear there is absolutely nothing to prevent an independent Scotland from using the pound.”