Scottish chef Nick Nairn blasts English restaurant for refusing Scottish bank notes

One of Scotland's top chefs has hit out at an English restaurant for refusing to accept his Scottish bank notes.
The celebrity chef took to Twitter to complain.The celebrity chef took to Twitter to complain.
The celebrity chef took to Twitter to complain.

Nick Nairn wrote on Twitter that Brexit was given as a reason by a member of staff.

The 58-year-old, a regular on television cookery shows, said he had been dining in Cambridge when it happened.

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He wrote: "Furious, dinner in independent restaurant , Cambridge, passed chains to get there. When we proffered cash to settle , told “ we don’t take this stuff ( Scottish notes) as it’s probably fake and anyway I’m not obliged “ f**king right you are!!! Then brexit proffered as reason."

@weelaurahughes replied to the chef on social media: "Happened to my husband when paying in garage for fuel. Husband refused to pay by other means; stand off situ occurred, police arrived (2hrs later,Husband waiting patiently,arms folded), garage forced bypolice to accept the Scottish notes after a nice telling off."

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@hopeoverfear01 tweeted: "Tell them you have no other cash, and no cards. Their options are to permit you to walk out or accept legal tender from a countrysupposedly in the U.K. Remember: union of equals."

@Skinnycortado added: "You should name and shame Nick. Regardless of how good the meal was that’s a shocking way to treat a customer."