Revealed: The top 25 social media '˜sins'

Too many selfies, ranting about politics and '˜Liking' your own profile picture have been named as some of the deadliest social media sins, according to research.
Ranting about politics and posting too many selfies are both big no-nos on social media, according to research. Picture: ContributedRanting about politics and posting too many selfies are both big no-nos on social media, according to research. Picture: Contributed
Ranting about politics and posting too many selfies are both big no-nos on social media, according to research. Picture: Contributed

A poll of 2,000 phone-mad Brits also found that four in 10 get wound up by cryptic, attention seeking status updates designed to elicit sympathy from friends and family.

Brits admit to committing over four social sins per week, and half reckon that trolling someone online is the worst thing you can do on social media.

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The study was conducted by online casino, whose spokesman Greg Tatton-Brown said: “New technology, including smartphones, have given us a lot of great gifts.

“They mean we’re never far from information, or being able to contact loved ones – as well as games and other entertainment.

“However, as they’ve become ubiquitous certain behaviours around them, and social media in particular, have proven to really wind many of us up.”

A quarter of irritated respondents said that posting too many pictures of your kids is a definite social media no-no.

And a fifth get cheesed off by people who constantly post social media updates about their food – including unappetising looking pictures.

However, one in five admit they’ve posted a picture of their dinner plate onto social media in the past, according to the research carried out by OnePoll.

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And one in 10 have posted multiple pictures of their pet onto social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Four in 10 Brits have unfollowed or unfriended someone for simply being too annoying on social media, and a further 27 per cent have “muted” them so they don’t need to see their posts, without the awkwardness of an unfriending.

A quarter reckon it’s even happened to THEM, with over half getting upset, saying they didn’t realise they were irritating their peers.

Facebook has been condemned as the worst social media platform for annoying behaviour in its users, picking up six times more votes than its nearest rival, Twitter.

Fifteen per cent of respondents have even unfollowed their PARTNER on social media because of their annoying online personas.

Four in 10 say they go on regular social media ‘detoxes’ because the online world has become just too annoying to be a part of.

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Hide Ad’s Greg Tatton-Brown said: “Although our survey was definitely light-hearted and aimed to find some of the funnier habits of social media users, we found that many people do get genuinely peeved by things they find online.

“We believe that everything should be as fun as possible, and so if social media is proving to annoy you, take a short break and reflect on what makes it great.

“And you can always come off it entirely – there’s no law that says we must be connected 24 hours a day, after all.”


1. Too many selfies

2. Trolling people

3. Body shaming

4. Cryptic, attention-seeking status updates followed up with “I don’t want to talk about it” or “I’ll DM you” when someone asks if they’re ok

5. Liking your own profile picture

6. Inviting people to play games like Candy Crush, Farmville etc

7. Ranting about politics

8. Revealing TV show spoilers

9. Selling Mid-Level-Marketing products like juice or make-up

10. When people “check in” to hospitals without specifying why

11. Posting endless pictures of kids

12. Overly loving couples constantly talking to each other on social media

13. Posting pictures of food

14. Gym selfies or updates about being at the gym

15. Simply updating too often

16. Boasting about kids

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17. Expressing inauthentic sympathy after a disaster or other incident

18. Boasting about your performance at something

19. Photoshopping selfies or pictures of yourself

20. Re-posting old memories that nobody else would be interested in

21. People who get overly upset about comments online

22. Using hashtags on Facebook

23. People who steal jokes and write them as if they came up with them on their own

24. Using hashtags that nobody else would possibly use, that are incredibly specific to what that person is doing at that moment

25. Sub-tweeting