Revealed: How much it costs to get married in Scotland

A recent survey of 4,000 brides has found that the average cost of a Scottish wedding is now £26,544.

How much do weddings cost in Scotland? Picture: Pixabay/Free Image
How much do weddings cost in Scotland? Picture: Pixabay/Free Image

The figures (provided by show that the average amount shelled out for nuptials in the UK is at a record high, and up 9.6 per cent from last year.

We’ve broken the statistics down by location to show you exactly how much it costs to get married in Scotland and across the UK.


In Scotland, a marriage ceremony and all the trimmings will set you back £26,544, which is less than £1,000 cheaper than the national average.

Couples with their sights set on a Scottish wedding are spending an average of £2,103 on an engagement ring, and £3,770 on securing the venue they like.

The food bill adds up to an average of £3,111 – a little less than the UK average. Honeymoon costs come in below average, though, at £3,331 for Scottish couples.

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UK average

So the average cost of a UK wedding is a rather large £27,161 – but what exactly does that include? Well, before the wedding itself comes the proposal, and the average UK couple are spending £2,084 on an engagement ring.

Once the planning process starts, we are shelling out an average of £4,354 for the perfect venue, and an extra £3,353 for food.

After everything is said and done, the average cost of a honeymoon for UK newlyweds comes in at £3,630.


The average total cost of getting married in London is £33,884 – nearly £7,000 higher than the UK average.

Those who marry in London will shell out £3,133 for an engagement ring, a massive £5,054 for a venue, and £4,741 to feed their guests.

Once the wedding is over, brides and grooms in London will pay another £4,015 to go on their honeymoon.

Midlands On average, Midlands-based weddings are among the cheapest in the UK, coming in at £25,915.

Couples here tend to fork out around £1,810 for an engagement ring – significantly less than the national average. Venue and food prices in the Midlands aren’t far off the UK average – £4,202 for the dream location, and £3,174 to keep everyone in attendance fed and watered.

As for jetting off on a honeymoon after the big day? Newlyweds from the Midlands are spending an average of £3,545.

Norther Ireland

Tying the knot in Northern Ireland adds up to an average total of £28,339 – more than £1,000 higher than the country-wide average.

Engagement ring spending is also high in Northern Ireland, with the average ring costing £2,498. Compared to the UK average, prices even out when it comes to choosing a Northern Irish wedding venue.

Here, couples are spending an average of £4,575 on location. The cost of food, however, is high, coming in at a total of £4,066.

Despite paying above average for almost everything else wedding-related, Northern Irish newlyweds spend an average of £3,212 on their honeymoons – over £400 less than the UK standard.

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