Reality TV winner hopes there are no wrinkles in business venture

THE winner of the reality television show The Apprentice unveiled his new project yesterday - a home beauty kit which promises to reduce wrinkles.

Tim Campbell has been working on the top secret product launch since landing a 100,000-a-year job with the Amstrad founder Sir Alan Sugar.

Called the Integra Face Care System, the kit claims to reduce crow's feet and laughter lines in just 28 days by using small amounts of electricity to tone facial muscles. Combined with two face creams and an explanatory DVD, it will sell for about 129.

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The product, endorsed by the model Nell McAndrew, will be available only via the internet.

Mr Campbell is a former transport manager for London Underground who beat 13 other candidates to triumph in the BBC2 show. Sir Alan appointed him project director for Amstrad's health and beauty division.

Mr Campbell said: "Being on The Apprentice was a doddle compared to actually working for Sir Alan. I have put everything into this project and I really believe it is going to the change the home beauty market. It is the ultimate at-home beauty experience.

"A lot of women go for facials and can pay up to 150 for treatments, but they sit there bored to death. This product allows you to take those beauty treatments into your own home."

Sir Alan also used yesterday's launch to unveil a new selling scheme which he claimed will revolutionise the business world.

Under the Sir Alan Sugar Enterprise Scheme, anyone who buys one of the kits will be paid commission if they recommend it to a friend. The more people who sign up to the scheme, the more money the original purchaser makes.

The entrepreneur wants to extend the scheme to other products in his empire.

Explaining the idea, Sir Alan said: "I want to try to pioneer a new way of selling.

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"I've observed companies like eBay. We all know what a great success they've been, creating a culture of people selling things themselves. A lot of people are developing a mini-business for themselves.

"This scheme is very simple. If you like the product and are happy with it, why not recommend it to someone else and receive a commission?

"There is absolutely no risk. If you want to work hard, you will make some money. If you don't work hard you won't make any, but you won't lose anything either.

"I'm absolutely convinced that if we come back in five years' time, I promise you companies will be selling in this way."

A second series of The Apprentice is in the pipeline.