Polls “confirm Nicola Sturgeon TV debate success”

NEW poll results confirm Nicola Sturgeon’s “fantastic success” in the recent TV debates with other UK and Scottish party leaders, the SNP has said.

Nicola Sturgeon received praise across the UK for her performances in the TV debates. Picture: Getty
Nicola Sturgeon received praise across the UK for her performances in the TV debates. Picture: Getty

A fresh YouGov poll for the Times suggests that almost half of voters north of the border would back the SNP at the General Election.

It shows SNP support holding at 49 per cent, the same figure in a previous YouGov poll produced earlier this month.

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Support for Labour in Scotland stands at 25 per cent, the poll showed, with the Conservatives on 17 per cent and the Liberal Democrats on 5 per cent.

SNP campaign director Angus Robertson said: “This poll is a very welcome indication that people across Scotland are responding positively to the SNP’s message of delivering investment in jobs and public services instead of the Westminster parties’ cuts.

“It encourages us to keep working hard to ensure that we make Scotland stronger at Westminster by electing a team of SNP MPs.

“The poll also confirms Nicola Sturgeon’s fantastic success in the recent UK and Scottish leaders’ TV debates.

“As welcome as this poll is, we take absolutely nothing for granted - we are speaking to people on the doorsteps and in communities all across Scotland to earn their trust.”

Scottish Labour said only they can stop the Conservatives returning to power.

A spokesman said: “If this poll is repeated on election day, David Cameron will walk back into Downing Street and impose another five years of failed austerity on Scotland. We can’t let that happen.

“Only a vote for Labour will deliver a Labour government. After the launch of their manifesto, it’s clear the SNP’s priority is another referendum, and the Tories won’t do a thing to make life fairer for working-class Scots.

“A vote for anyone other than Labour in Scotland risks the Tories being the largest party across the UK and returning to power. That would be a disaster for Scotland but only Labour can stop that from happening.”

The poll research was conducted from April 16-20.