Peru drug arrests: Melissa interrogated on birthday

Michaella McCollum Connolly, right, and Melissa Reid. Picture: APMichaella McCollum Connolly, right, and Melissa Reid. Picture: AP
Michaella McCollum Connolly, right, and Melissa Reid. Picture: AP
MELISSA Reid revealed she was interrogated for eight hours on her 20th birthday in an emotional letter to her mother from behind bars in Peru.

The alleged drug mule urged Debra Reid, 53, to pray for her and admitted she had frequently been brought to tears by her grim situation.

In a childish scrawl on both sides of a crumpled piece of A4, she wrote: “This is one birthday I will be forgetting ASAP!”

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She described co-accused Michaella McCollum as a “sister for life”, but is clearly terrified about the fate awaiting them.

“I found it hard in here at first,” she wrote. “I was crying in here a lot and could not handle the language barrier.”

She added: “I am s******* my pants for what has to come for me.”

And she signed off with: “Love you all so much. Pray for me please and stay strong.”

Her mother has told a Sunday newspaper that she fears her daughter will be “cheated” out of “life-defining” events such as getting married and having children. If the women continue to protest their innocence, they could be jailed for up to 15 years.

Mrs Reid said: “If, God forbid, she doesn’t get out until she is 35, that is quite late to be thinking about meeting someone and settling down. I can’t bear to think of Melissa being cheated out of having children. She has always wanted a family of her own.”

She added: “She was probably too trusting and she was definitely naïve to the drugs culture.

“But there is no way she was ever willingly involved in supplying.”