Non-Scots against independence currency union idea

People in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are against sharing the pound with Scotland in a currency union after independence, a new poll said.

Picture: PA

A majority (53 per cent) of people in the rest of the UK oppose the SNP’s proposal, while just 26 per cent would back the move, according to the YouGov survey of more than 1,600 adults.

And almost half (42 per cent) of those with money in Scottish financial giants such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Scottish Widows say they would be ready to move it to an English-based provider after a Yes vote.

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The Scottish Government wants a currency union, but this has been ruled out by Chancellor George Osborne and the Liberal Democrats and Labour at Westminster, who say it could not work.

Better Together Campaign Director Blair McDougall said: “It’s clearer than ever that people living elsewhere in the UK wouldn’t agree to it either.”

The latest poll also suggests support for both independence and the union has fallen slightly.

The proportion of Scots planning to vote Yes has fallen two points to 37 per cent, according to a Survation poll, but support for a No vote is also down, by a point to 47 per cent.