Nine Scots rescued from burning yacht hit by lightning off Thailand

Nine Scots have been rescued from a burning yacht after it was struck by lightning off Thailand.

Lilia, 68 and Bill Tennant, 65, were with seven friends on a yacht off Phuket when it was struck by lightning during a tropical storm and burst into flames.
A passing fishing boat helped the stricken crew and holidaymakers, and no-one was injured.

Local police said all the holidaymakers had been safely rescued.

Mr and Mrs Tennant, from Lanark were on holiday with friends Kelvin Atkinson, 65, and Susan Atkinson, 64; Catherine Toy, 64, and Stewart Toy, 66, Anne Anderson, 63, and Martin Anderson, 59; and Margaret Hamilton, 64.

The incident took place off the coast of Phuket in Thailand. Pictures: Google Maps/ Pexels Free Image