New Labour video warns: “Vote SNP, get Tories”

A ROW has broken out over a mock video released by Labour which portrays a “delighted” Nicola Sturgeon welcoming a Conservative election victory next month.

A still from the video shows Nicola Sturgeon celebrating SNP gains. Picture: Contributed

Shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran said this is how the vote may play out on 7 May and urged supporters to share it online.

But the move met with an angry reaction from Nationalists, who insisted the claims are “wrong” as Ms Sturgeon has offered to work with Ed Miliband.

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Labour said the video, a ­fictitious news report, provides an “insight into what Friday 8 May 2015 may look like” and shows David Cameron heading back to Downing Street after the Tories “narrowly” win the ­election.

A mock-up shows Cameron arriving at Downing Street above news that the SNP are 'delighted' with the result. Picture: Contributed

Mrs Curran said: “We know that every seat the SNP takes from Scottish Labour, it only increases the chances of another five years of David Cameron and the Tories.

“That would be devastating for families and communities all across Scotland, faced with five more years of Tory austerity.”

The move follows a controversial leak of a UK civil service memo of a meeting between Ms Sturgeon and the French Ambassador to the UK which claimed the First Minister wanted a Tory victory, although the assertion has been dismissed by all parties present at the meeting.

Angus Robertson, the SNP’s general election campaign director, said Labour had previously withdrawn the video over copyright breaches.

He added: “It is just as wrong second time round.

“Nicola Sturgeon has twice on live television offered to work with Labour to lock the Tories out of 10 Downing Street, but both Ed Miliband and Jim Murphy indicate they prefer letting the Tories back in to working with the SNP – a revelation which will cause even more people in Scotland to abandon Labour for the SNP.”