‘Most women sent to jail because of men’ – Pryce

ECONOMIST Vicky Pryce, who went to prison for taking speeding points for former husband Chris Huhne, believes most women are in jail because of men.

Vicky Pryce wrote about her prison experience in a book. Picture: Getty

Pryce, 61, was convicted of perverting the course of justice after being found guilty of accepting driving licence penalty points incurred by former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister Huhne in 2003.

Pryce said she came across a lot of women who had “taken the rap for what others had done” and felt prison was not the best place for them.

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She said: “What really did it was talking to the women in Holloway [prison] and realising they were there mostly because of some thing their husbands, brothers, fathers, had done.

“What I thought was that these women were very vulnerable when they had committed whatever it was they had committed and, in some cases, taking the rap for what others had done.”

Pryce wrote a book – Prisonomics – about her life in prison plus the two months she spent wearing a tag at her south London home and is now touring to
promote it.