Mick Jagger celebrates 70th birthday

HE once sang that time was on his side. And having celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday, it seems the years have indeed been kind to the aged rocker.
Sir Mick Jagger recently played at Glastonbury with The Rolling Stones. Picture: GettySir Mick Jagger recently played at Glastonbury with The Rolling Stones. Picture: Getty
Sir Mick Jagger recently played at Glastonbury with The Rolling Stones. Picture: Getty

Five decades after the Rolling Stones exploded onto the music scene, Mick Jagger is still shaking his snake-like hips to the delight of fans worldwide.

He reached his milestone birthday just weeks after leading the legendary band in its first performance at Glastonbury, followed by two gigs in London’s Hyde Park.

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His endless energy showed little sign of flagging despite his age, with most music critics saying the band pulled off show-stopping concerts to mark their 50th anniversary.

“If this is this first time you’ve seen the band, do come again,” Jagger told the crowd, suggesting a retirement may be some way off yet. Bono led the tributes to celebrate the rock frontman’s landmark birthday.

“Mick looks a bit like [Mikhail] Baryshnikov, like a ballet dancer from a different age. At the same time he still has a very beautiful face” the U2 frontman said.

“The wrinkles that run through it now have made it even more beautiful. Why? Because he wears those wrinkles well. I love his wrinkles.”

U2 surpassed the Rolling Stones to claim the highest-grossing concert tour of all time in 2011 as their 360 show raked in £341 million, but Bono said he owes his all skills to “Mick”.

“I have to kneel in reverence to what he has achieved”, he told the German newspaper Die Welt. “What I like about him as a person is that he always speaks his mind openly and he never talks much about himself. He is not a narcissistic person.”

On social media, Stones’ fans posted birthday wishes to the world-famous frontman, with “Jagger” trending on Twitter.

Bianca, his first wife, said: “Happy Birthday @MickJagger ~ May the Good Lord shine a light on you warm like the evening sun, xx Bianca”.

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Edinburgh crime writer Ian Rankin wrote: “Mick Jagger is 70 today. And he *still* moves like Jagger…” adding: “He’s got more puff than me, too…”

Hollywood actress Mia Farrow sent birthday greetings on the platform, while also reminding followers of the famous – or infamous – duet with David Bowie of Dancing in the Street.

Time magazine devoted a feature to the rocker, titled ‘Time Still On His Side’, which examined his top ten performances of the past half century. His duet with Bono singing Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of 
in 2009 was near the top of the list, with Time saying that “for a performer with an ego as large as the stadiums he regularly plays, Jagger can be uncommonly gracious with fellow superstars”.