Men change style to suit new partner

Women wear the fashion trousers among British couples with half of men admitting they have changed their style on the orders of their partner.

A new survey found that while 48 per cent of men said their partners had a huge influence on the way they dressed, 44 per cent of women confessed to changing their other half’s style to make them the perfect fashion accessory.

The poll for Marks and Spencer and Oxfam also revealed that six and a half months into a relationship is when women typically change their partner’s fashion sense.

The biggest fashion turn-off items from a loved one’s wardrobe are dull underwear, clothes with holes in and gifts from ex-partners.

Topping the “man repeller” list of clothing that women wear is onesies, jeggings and velour tracksuits, while women wanted their men to ditch meggings, onesies and leather trousers.

Jo Hemmings, behavioural psychologist, said: “Given our clothing taste is deeply personal, it can be a shock to self-esteem to find our partners so repelled by something we love to wear.

“We are entitled to express our individuality, and style is a form of essential independence, healthy in any relationship.”