Medium captures picture of ‘Slender Man’ ghost

A SELF-PROFESSED “medium” claims she has managed to capture this spooky image of a ghost known as the “Slender Man” on camera.

The photograph which is said to be of the Slender Man in Staffordshire woods. Picture: Hemedia

The long, stick-thin spectre has been spotted by residents near the woods of Cannock Chase, in Staffordshire, over the past month.

Christine Hamlett, who used to co-host a Canadian TV show called Rescue Mediums, said she took the picture in the woods where many local people claim to have seen him.

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She said: “It kind of looks like the top half of Slender Man – like his shoulders and head, with the bottom half covered by bushes. I couldn’t believe it.





“It’s really exciting that this could actually be a picture of him caught on camera and the only one so far.”

Slender Men have been a part of global folklore for centuries.

They may be known by different names, but their harrowing, elongated appearance remains the same around the world.

In Scotland the fiendish figure is known as Fear Dubh (the Dark Man), the Dutch dubbed him Takkenmann (Branch Man) and in Germany he is referred to as Der Grosse Man (Tall Man).

Now a paranormal probe had been launched in the Midlands following four sightings of Slender Men.

Investigator Lee Brickley is trying to discover why the ghoul has descended on the Staffordshire mining town.

One resident of Pye Green, near Cannock Chase, described her spooky encounter. She said: “I found myself faced with the most disgusting and horrific creature imaginable.

“It was about 8ft tall and had a white face with razor-sharp fangs.”