Man on murder charge
after woman vanishes

POLICE have charged a man with murdering a British woman who had gone missing from her home in the south west of France.

Detectives found bloodstains in the home of Patricia Wilson, who was in her 60s, after neighbours reported her missing six days ago.

Mrs Wilson and her British husband moved into their remote cottage in the village of Vabre Tizac five years ago.

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The couple split up last year and since then the pensioner had been living alone.

Neighbours reported seeing Mrs Wilson’s car parked outside her home but that they had not seen her for several days.

Police yesterday revealed they had found blood on the floor and walls of the cottage, which is being analysed to determine if it is that of the homeowner.

Police said they are continuing to search the area for the missing woman’s body.

They said divers have begun searching nearby lakes for her body.

A Montpellier police spokesman said a man has been arrested and charged with the missing woman’s murder.

They refused to release any details. The suspect is in police custody in Montpellier.

The spokesman said: “The disappearance of Mrs Wilson is very worrying.

“Her cottage has been sealed off as a crime scene and a full search of the area is under way.”