Man fined £50 for putting litter in waste bin

A MAN was fined £50 for throwing away two pieces of junk mail in a street litter bin.

Andy Tierney, 24, of Hinckley, Leicestershire, dumped the unwanted mail in a bin on his way to work but council officers tracked him down using the addresses on the envelopes to issue him with a fixed penalty.

They said he was being fined because "domestic refuse from your property was dumped into a street litter bin".

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A spokesman for Hinckley and Bosworth Council said: "A fixed penalty notice is served to people who we believe have committed an offence."

Meanwhile, a "good samaritan" who tried to clear rubbish from a beauty spot was given a 136 bill to dispose of it.

Carl Klinkenborg, from Devon, was sick of seeing piles of old tyres and other rubbish littering the countryside near his home so he loaded them on to his van and took them to a local dump.

But when he showed up he was told he needed pay 136 for a waste carrier's licence and pay a disposal fee - or keep the rubbish himself.

Mr Klinkenborg said: "I offered to dispose of these ugly things for free - and they said no.

"I see people fly-tipping and I am sick of it. But I wasn't going to pay for it. It is crazy to ask me to buy a licence just to try and keep the countryside clean.''

Torridge District Council, responsible for collecting fly-tipped waste, said it was investigating.

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