Katie Hopkins' passport confiscated for accusations of '˜racial hatred'

Right-wing media pundit Katie Hopkins has allegedly had her passport confiscated by South African authorities and has been prevented from leaving the country for 'spreading racial hatred' according to a short video posted on her Twitter account.
Katie Hopkins said her passport was confiscated. Picture: TwitterKatie Hopkins said her passport was confiscated. Picture: Twitter
Katie Hopkins said her passport was confiscated. Picture: Twitter

In the video filmed at Johannesburg airport Hopkins said: “At passport control, I’ve been through security and I’ve been detained, my passport has been marked for spreading racial hatred here in South Africa.”

Hopkins appeared to be laying the blame for her missed flight at the hands of the South Africa’s ruling ANC party, captioning the video tweeted to her 383 thousand followers: “Detained at passport control on the orders of the MYANC.”

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The columnist, dropped by Mail Online and LBC after a series of offensive social media posts and humiliating legal defeats, pleaded with her social media followers to support her “independent journalism” in South Africa for Canadian far-right outlet The Rebel Media, where she claims to be reporting on the alleged “systematic cleansing of whites from South Africa”.

But some South African social media users hit back on social media, ridiculing her claims that whites were being “cleansed” from a country where on average white citizens earn six times what black South Africans do.

Hopkins had made headlines earlier in the week after tweeting that she had collapsed in the street and claimed she had been administered ketamine by paramedics for a shoulder dislocation less than a day after proudly tweeted a photograph of her alongside South African singer Steve Hofmeyr, notorious for his support for the White supremacist founder of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement Eugène Terre’Blanche and for penning songs laden with racial slurs.

This story first featured on our sister site iNews.