Joan Rivers unrepentant about Adele ‘fat’ remarks

JOAN Rivers has refused to apologise for comments about singer Adele, who she said should “calm down - or lose weight”.

• US comedienne Joan Rivers, 79, refuses to apologise for calling Adele ‘fat’

• Outspoke comic revealed she was confronted by singer over remarks

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The outspoken US comedienne was unrepentant about her remarks during an interview with Huffpost Live, in which she revealed that the Oscar-winning vocalist had demanded an apology over comments made about her weight.

Rivers said: “It was funny. She’s a chubby lady who’s very, very rich. She should just calm down - or lose weight.

“And she wanted an apology - so I took an ad out on her ass.

“I said, ‘You are not fat’, and then I had room left for a lot of other ads. Let’s face reality - she’s fat.”

Rivers had earlier poked fun at Adele in February on David Letterman’s Late Show, recalling the “chubby” songstress’ nerves before an onstage appearance at the Academy Awards.

“She sang live and said, ‘My throat, my throat, I don’t know if I can swallow.’ And I said, ‘Oh, you can swallow,’”

She added: “What is her song, ‘Rolling in the Deep’? She should add fried chicken.”

US comedian Adam Hills defended Adele and hit back at Joan Rivers, saying: “If you make fat jokes about Adele, you’re being a d***.

“And I’m referring to you, Joan Rivers.”

“Get a plastic surgeon to manufacture yourself a new soul.”