Jaguar drivers happiest with their dealers

Jaguar drivers remain the happiest with their dealers but Chevrolet owners are increasingly disgruntled, according to the latest annual satisfaction survey published today.

While Jaguar raced to the top of the charts in customer satisfaction, Chevrolet failed to make good on last years promise to do better. Picture: Getty
While Jaguar raced to the top of the charts in customer satisfaction, Chevrolet failed to make good on last years promise to do better. Picture: Getty

The luxury carmaker has topped the annual JD Power Dealer Satisfaction Survey, published by What Car? magazine, for the second year in a row.

Jaguar, which scored 85.5 per cent satisfaction, was also first in a similar poll this year for overall car satisfaction.

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What Car? editor-in-chief Chas Hallett said: “Jaguar owners love their dealers as much as their cars, awarding their dealers top marks in the annual survey. Jaguar is in an enviable position.”

Drivers liked Jaguar’s friendly advisers, the flexibility and understanding in booking in their vehicles, convenient vehicle pick-ups and handovers, and the time spent explaining details of work needing to be carried out.

The survey found the quality of work was also high, with 68 per cent of customers rating it excellent or outstanding.

Second in the dealer rankings was Lexus with 85.4 per cent, ahead of Honda (84), Mercedes-Benz (82.6), and Land Rover and Toyota (both 82).

What Car? said Lexus owners were happier than ever with their dealers, with seamless, “textbook” levels of service from booking to car collection.

It said: “Work was completed on time, cars were returned in mint condition and keys handed back promptly and with a smile.”

Honda dealers were described as “accommodating, helpful, professional and friendly”.

What Car? said the dealers were getting most things right, and provided “exceptional” service other than limited parking space at some garages.

Chevrolet remained at the bottom of the table with 69.7 per cent satisfaction – down from 71.5 per cent last year.

What Car? said: “Customers awarded it the lowest marks in every category bar one. Work was too pricey and took too long. More than 40 per cent said they probably wouldn’t go back.”

The verdict came despite Chevrolet telling The Scotsman after last year’s survey that improvements had been made.

Its spokeswoman said last August: “The results are disappointing and do not reflect the hard work and commitment of many of our dealers.”

Chevrolet was followed among worst performers by Alfa Romeo (72.7), Fiat (75.7), and Peugeot and Mitsubishi (76.9).

What Car? said Alfa Romeo dealers were rated the worst overall for value for money.

They were criticised for “everything from inconvenient parking to the size of their bills”, but praised for polite staff.

Mr Hallett said: “Good service makes all the difference. Every new car buyer deserves a friendly, efficient and value-for-money service from their dealership – whether the car is premium or bargain-basement.” The analysis was based on the opinions of 13,511 customers who had a service experience with their dealership within the past 12 months.

Feedback was provided on vehicles bought between January 2010 and December 2011.

It focused on aspects of car servicing such as the booking process, overall staff helpfulness, dealership facilities, quality of work and how fair the service charges were.

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1 Jaguar

2 Lexus

3 Honda

4 Mercedes-Benz

5= Land Rover

5= Toyota

7 Skoda

8 Volvo

9= Kia

9= Nissan

11 Seat

12 Renault

13= Hyundai

13= Volkswagen

15= BMW

15= Citroen

15= Mini

18 Ford

Average 78.5%

19 Audi

20 Vauxhall

21 Suzuki

22 Mazda

23= Mitsubishi

23= Peugeot

25 Fiat

26 Alfa Romeo

27 Chevrolet