Jack McConnell ‘kicked off’ train seat by Tory peer

FORMER Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell has revealed he was kicked out of a train seat - by a Tory Minister.

Jack McConnell's tweets. Picture: Twitter
Jack McConnell's tweets. Picture: Twitter

The former Scottish Labour leader, and member of the House of Lords, had been travelling on an East Coast service from Stirling to London to attend a “peace building” conference when his train broke down.

After switching to a new train, McConnell complained he was stuck standing beside a toilet before finding a seat - only to discover it had already been booked by a Tory Minster in the House of Lords.

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Lord McConnell, who regularly campaigns about global poverty and conflict, documented his increasingly frustrating train journey on Twitter to the amusement of his online followers.

Jack McConnell couldn't believe his luck when he realised the seat he'd taken was booked by a Tory Minister in the Lords. Picture: TSPL



His day appeared to start well, as he wrote on Twitter: “Lovely day for a train journey down the #EastCoast - all set for some peace building and campaigning in #Indonesia #Philippines.”

But two hours later he vented his anger after his train broke down, writing: “Spoke too soon. Now standing beside a toilet on the next train for at least three hours. Pathetic.”

Moments later his luck appeared to be on the turn, when he wrote: “Grabbed a seat at Darlington! and a complaint form!”

But his hopes were dashed just minutes later, when he Tweeted: “You couldn’t make it up. Seat was booked - by a Tory Minister in the Lords! I’m back at the toilet door :( #knowmyplace”

Despite his increasing frustration his story seemed to amuse some of his Twitter followers, with one writing: “You can’t relate with the common man, until you’ve spent five hours sat on your bag by the toilet.”

Another, Tom Gorman wrote to McConnell: “That is brilliant! Well you have taken all the Tory seats in Scotland #karma”.

Steven Craig joked: “Candidate for “Grumpy Old Man”. Welcome to the club.”