Housing: Call to help boost sales

The Chancellor must use Wednesday’s Budget to slash the burden on Scotland’s beleaguered homebuyers, a new poll suggests.

A survey by a group of leading property law firms shows an overwhelming majority believe the UK government has failed those seeking to buy or sell homes.

It also suggests significant uncertainty and pessimism over how the property market would fare in an independent Scotland.

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The survey was carried out by a new consumer group formed by five of the country’s most prominent law firms. The Plain Talking Property Group (PTPG) poll reveals that those active in the housing market feel badly let down by the Tory and Lib Dem UK coalition and want George Osborne to make amends.

The consumer poll showed 74 per cent of those surveyed felt the coalition had not done enough to help house buyers or sellers.

It also found that 83 per cent wanted Osborne to re-introduce tax relief on mortgage repayment as a means of boosting a flatlining property market.

Phil Valente, PTPG spokesman, said: “One of the strongest views expressed a perceived failure of the UK government to help the homebuyers of Scotland.

There is also a clear call for the re-introduction of tax relief on mortgage repayments.

“This Budget presents the Chancellor with an opportunity to redress perceived failures.”

The PTPG, which surveyed dozens of consumers, was formed by law firms Warners, Neilsons, Lints, Drummond Miller and VMH.