Hillsborough files: A city still in mourning remembers the 96 dead

Thousands of people gathered in Liverpool city centre last night for a vigil in memory of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

Earlier, the city observed a two-minute silence at 3:06pm – the time the FA Cup semi-final was abandoned – as the bells at Liverpool Town Hall and other civic buildings rang out 96 times.

The silence was also observed at Liverpool Cathedral, as a press conference was being given by the families.

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Last night’s vigil, organised by the city council, took place at Liverpool’s St George’s Hall.

Joe Anderson, the city’s executive mayor, said: “We will never forget the impact the disaster had on the bereaved families, on the lives of those who were caught up in it, and the long journey the entire city has had to endure for the truth to be heard.”

Flags at council properties flew at half mast all day.