Gordon Ramsay offers man work experience on Reddit

FOUL-MOUTHED celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay sent an online forum into meltdown after he offered a desperate chef work experience.

Gordon Ramsay. Picture: Getty Images
Gordon Ramsay. Picture: Getty Images

The Scot had been taking part in a Q&A session on the discussion forum Reddit where users had a chance to grill the chef with unusual questions.

But the event took a turn when a struggling chef asked for Ramsay’s advice on how best to manage the stressful life of working in a top kitchen.

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The weary chef, who went by the username alfredo_linguini, described his home life as being a “disaster”, complicated by having a “deadbeat” father.

Ramsay, who has reduced chefs to tears on Hell’s Kitchen for years, appeared touched by the user’s plea and offered his advice for anyone dealing with burnout.

He said: “First of all, I’ve been in your shoes, and what you need to do is take a break.

“I took some time off, and got aboard a boat, and was a private chef on a yacht. And those six to nine months off allowed me to regenerate.

Near the end of his response, Ramsay offered the troubled chef a potentially life-changing opportunity – to experience work in one of his famous kitchens.

He said: “Listen, if you send me your resume, I could look at putting you into one of the restaurants as a work experience, if you want to see something different, in order to make sure you don’t come off the rails.”

His response quickly became the highest-voted reply on the forum “thread”.