George Floyd anniversary: all the UK BLM protests and marches taking place to mark his death one year on

Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin launched a wave activism under the Black Lives Matter banner

It has been a year since George Floyd a 46-year-old from North Carolina was murdered by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.Footage of the shocking incident - which showed Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost 10 minutes - quickly spread around the US and then the world, causing uproar and leading to an unprecedented wave of protests against racism and police brutality.

The impact of Floyd’s death has been widespread and long lasting, and it will be this, as well as his life, that people around the world pay tribute to this week.

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What events are taking place in the UK?

George Floyd anniversary: all the UK BLM protests and marches taking place to mark his death one year on (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

A small demonstration in honour of Floyd took place in London outside the US embassy on Saturday (22 May), with anti-racist campaigners holding signs and calling for “justice”

Speaking to the Guardian, Elizabeth Adofo, an organiser of the protest, said: “We are here today to mark one year since the murder of George Floyd at the hands of racist police officers.

“And it’s been one year since everyone across the world marched in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We’re here to say it’s still important, even after the cameras stop showing up, even after the big crowds on the streets, it is still important to spread that message.

“It doesn’t matter that Derek Chauvin got convicted, that is a small amount of justice of what he really deserves.”

Members of the public held signs and banners outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh this morning, at a vigil to mark the anniversary of Floyd’s death.

There are further protests and demonstrations scheduled to take place in the UK today (25 May).

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These are the times and locations for the scheduled demonstrations:

Bristol - College Green, 6:00pm

Brighton - The Level, 6:00pm

Nottingham - Old Market Square, 6:00pm

Leeds - Cross Flatts Park, Beeston, 6:00pm

Leeds - Potternewton Park, 6:00pm

There will also be a number of church services held across the country led by community and religious leaders.

What about the US?

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A rally took place in Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed, on Saturday (23 May) which is set to be followed by further demonstrations all over the country throughout the week.

But the George Floyd Foundation has urged supporters to use today to call their elected representatives - particularly in the US Senate - to demand that they pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

US President Joe Biden is set to receive the Floyd family at the White House today, on the year anniversary of his killing.

TV and radio tributes

A number of television specials will air reflecting on the movement which emerged in the wake of Floyd’s death, and the impacts it had.

Sky News will show a 12 minute film presented by the brother of Stephen Lawrence, entitled Stephen and George: The Killings that Inspired a Movement, which will be available to watch online and on the Sky News channel today (25 May).

Sky will also show a special documentary looking at the wider issue of racial equality in the wake of George Floyd's death, George Floyd: From Murder to Justice, which will show on Sky Documentaries tonight and Sky News at 9pm tomorrow (26 May)

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There will also be a special service broadcast on BBC Radio Four at 7pm tonight (25 May).