Gaelic support service to inspire Scots to speak the language

Young people will be able to access a range of support services provided in Gaelic as part of a new initiative.

File image - the initiative is aimed at inspiring young Scots to learn the language.

The project, launched by Young Scot, will offer advice online about topics including financial management, puberty and internet safety.

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It aims to help inspire more young people in Scotland to speak the language. According to figures published by Scotland’s National Centre in Languages, the number of pupils learning Gaelic in schools below Higher level increased from 151 in 2017 to 209 in 2018.

The number of pupils studying the language at Higher level also increased slightly from 69 to 75 over the same period. The statistics point to a generally downward trend since 2012 when 375 pupils were learing Gaelic below Higher level and 110 were learning it at Higher level.

Young Scot indicated it is hopeful the number of pupils learning Gaelic in schools will continue to rise following the latest increases. The organisation also announced it had agreed a partnership with bilingual bookseller Acair to offer a 10 per cent discount to Young Scot NEC cardholders.