Ex-soldier who killed Scottish tour guide has murder conviction overturned

An ex-soldier who stabbed a Scottish tour guide to death in Lapland has had his murder conviction overturned.

Tour guide Rebecca Johnsonl. Picture: Facebook

Karel Frybl will now serve a shorter prison sentence for ‘homicide’ after he appealed his case.

Frybl was initially found guilty of murdering 26-year-old Rebecca Johnson, from Fife, earlier this year. The 36-year old killed her in a remote part of Lapland in December 2016 after the pair argued.

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They were both working as tour guides at a husky ranch at the time, giving sled rides to tourists.

But Frybl will now serve 11 years for homicide instead of his initial 14-year sentence for murder.

The only other employee working at the remote outpost described walking in to find a fatally wounded Johnson slumped in a pool of blood, with Frybl above her holding a knife.