End of the rear show: Pippa’s portrait given the bum’s rush

AN ARTIST who failed to sell her original portrait of Pippa Middleton has found success – after painting her subject from the rear.

Laëtitia Guilbaud, 31, from Glasgow, now hopes to sell the two pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister as a set. They will go on display in Glasgow with a price tag of £1,700.

Ms Guilbaud said: “I realised in painting Pippa from the front, I was only showing half of her character. “It was a mistake.

“I am an admirer of Pippa. She is such a strong woman.”

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The original portrait of Pippa from the front failed to sell at auction. However, earlier this year, her portrait of sister Kate, sold for £4,500 – four times over the asking price.

The artist previously painted a portrait of Scottish deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, whose husband Peter Murrell bought the work for £1,500.