Doctors and nurses ‘pressured to give bad care’

ONE in four doctors and surgeons and a third of nurses say they have been put under excessive pressure or bullied to behave in ways they believe are counter to patient care, according to a report.

Doctors, surgeons and nurses all reported feeling pressure to act counter to patients' best interests. Stock photo: TSPL

A survey of 1,000 healthcare workers in Scotland, England and Wales showed two out of five were worried their organisation could be at the centre of the next patient-care scandal.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said its research also showed that fewer than three out of five health workers would be confident to raise concerns to senior management. Just over half said better staff engagement and consultation would help to improve patient care.

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Peter Cheese, CIPD chief executive, said the survey highlighted why NHS leaders should ensure they put more emphasis on their people management and employee data.

“NHS leaders should ensure they are putting more emphasis on monitoring, analysing and, crucially, acting on people management information and feedback from staff, which can provide early warning indicators for potential culture, capability and capacity problems linked to poor standards of care.”

Mr Cheese said: “Good-quality management information can flag problems further upstream before patient care has been fatally undermined.”