Diamond Jubilee 2012: Avoiding the party

I THINK that anywhere you go in Britain, you’ll be able to get away from the Diamond Jubilee.

The events are not as widespread as people have been making out, and there was a YouGov survey which showed that only 30 per cent of people are celebrating, while 50 per cent definitely aren’t.

But my advice to anyone in England who doesn’t want anything to do with it would be to go to Scotland. You only have to look at the small number of street parties being held here to see the lack of interest.

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Most people who want nothing to do with it are going away on holiday, but if you are staying at home, the best way to avoid any mention of the Jubilee is to keep your television turned off, and make sure you don’t watch or listen to the BBC in particular.

• Graham Smith is chief executive of campaign group Republic.