Derren Brown banned from Birmingham casino

TV ILLUSIONIST Derren Brown has been banned from a casino after being escorted from the premises.
Derren Brown: banned from playing Blackjack. Picture: ComplimentaryDerren Brown: banned from playing Blackjack. Picture: Complimentary
Derren Brown: banned from playing Blackjack. Picture: Complimentary

Brown, who had just performed his live show ‘Infamous’ had attended The Broadway Plaza Casino in Birmingham with some friends, but was told just minutes after entering that he wasn’t allowed to place bets himself, and was only permitted to watch his friends play against the dealer.

A casino source reportedly confirmed that management had taken the decision to ban the illusionist from playing Blackjack, but would not comment on whether the 42-year-old was under suspicion of card counting.

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The London-born mentalist said that he had gone to the casino to play Blackjack, but had been forbidden from taking part in the game.

Brown added: “They were very nice, served me food, but they wouldn’t let me play.

“I watched the others for a bit and then left. I was escorted out by a member of staff and the manager.”

The trickster has been banned from most of the UK’s casinos and admitted that he wasn’t ‘unduly surprised’ at being banned from playing the game.

It is possible to create complex number systems in order to count cards and gain an advantage over the dealer.

Gamblers can then determine whether the deck of cards is ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ and are able to bet accordingly, increasing their chances of winning.

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