Commons chief egged by pro-hunt protestors

PRO-HUNT demonstrators pelted MP Peter Hain with eggs after he started a speech: "I hear there’s a new sport - hunting cabinet ministers".

As the leader of the Commons began his address to the Oxford University Labour Club, he was approached by a protester - later arrested - who hit him on the nose with an egg.

"Mr Hain was very cross - he turned a brighter shade of orange than usual," said Richard Jackson, 25, a pro-hunt campaigner who saw the event.

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The MP for Neath required a police escort to leave following the incident, and was confronted by protesters again as he arrived at the city’s railway station.

Two men were arrested following the scenes of chaos at Balliol College, a venue chosen at the last minute in a bid to throw pro-hunt detractors off the scent.

A crowd of around 40 demonstrators, some waving placards and blowing hunting horns, jostled Mr Hain as he arrived at the event.

Despite tight security, a couple of the protesters managed to get inside the meeting, where they ran at the minister, throwing eggs from a distance of around half a metre.

After cleaning off the egg, Mr Hain stayed for his scheduled hour, talking for ten minutes and then answering questions.

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