CNN’s Thatcher-Savile image use draws criticism

CNN has attracted criticism after its decision to air a photograph of disgraced television presenter and DJ Jimmy Savile with Margaret Thatcher.

• CNN criticised after using image of Baroness Thatcher and Jimmy Savile during broadcast reporting formerm PM’s death

• Disgraced DJ and presenter Savile is under investigation by police for historic child abuse offences

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The US broadcaster was accused of trying to undermine the former prime minister as they showed a photograph of Baroness Thatcher, who died yesterday morning following a stroke, alongside Savile as they reported her passing.

The image shows Baroness Thatcher and Savile together at an NSPCC event in the 80s. CNN displayed the image on at least four separate occasions during the segment.

Savile has been reviled by the public since widespread allegations of the sexual abuse of hundreds of children emerged last year, which Scotland Yard are investigating.

The Wall Street Journal’s Neal Mann tweeted the picture and said: “Oh dear, someone at CNN obviously didn’t get the memo.”

“Whoever’s doing the Thatcher montage on CNN is either an idiot or a sly lefty. Repeated images of Thatcher with Pinochet and Saville,” commented Twitter user David Tumilty.

Another user said: “The picture CNN decide to show announcing the death? Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile. Maybe the researchers should research.”