Brown mourns loss of mother

CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown was today mourning the death of his mother.

Elizabeth Brown, 86, died yesterday at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary after more than a week in hospital.

Her family said she had passed away peacefully, with the Chancellor, 53, his wife Sarah and son John, almost a year old, at her bedside.

Mrs Brown’s other sons, John, 55, who lives in Glasgow, and Andrew, 48, who lives in London, were also at the hospital.

Mrs Brown, known as Bunty, was taken to hospital from Drumdarroch Nursing Home in Insch, Aberdeenshire, suffering from serious digestive problems.

Her immediate family had been at her bedside since Tuesday.

The Chancellor, who moves between homes in Fife and London, had left a dinner with members of the TUC General Council in Brighton to travel north and be at his mother’s bedside.

Eldest son John said that her condition had stabilised since she was admitted on September 10, but that the "seriousness of the condition was brought home to us by the doctors".

He said his mother had suffered from a heart condition and had been too frail for major surgery.

John described the family as very close and said Mrs Brown’s death came as a "big loss".