British adventurer 'returns from the dead'

A BRITISH adventurer whose death was announced on his own website said yesterday that rumours of his demise had been "greatly exaggerated".

Edward Genochio, 28, was feared missing as he attempts what is thought to be the first winter crossing by bicycle of his chosen route over the desolate Tibetan Plateau.

Concerned friends contacted the British Embassy in Beijing after a Norwegian cyclist posted comments on Mr Genochio's internet blog saying he had probably died from exposure and altitude sickness. In fact, the adventurer had only failed to update his website - - because he was enjoying a Tibetan lunar New Year celebration.

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The Norwegian cyclist, speculated that Mr Genochio might have been eaten by wolves, frozen to death in his tent or been crushed by a snowfall.

Mr Genochio, who is five months into a 15,000-mile solo bike ride from Shanghai, China, to his home in Exeter, Devon, yesterday e-mailed reporters from China, saying: "Far from freezing to death in my tent on some lonely mountain pass, I have been dancing round a log fire and drinking yak-butter tea."